Annual Campaign

We have extraordinary opportunities to ensure a brighter future for our community, but we need your help. Your gift to the YMCA will have a lasting impact in the community by helping us to reach more people through life-changing programs and services.

When you donate to the YMCA of Muncie, you help make our community better and the promise of “together” a reality.

$50 gives a child a session of swim lesson, plus confidence both in and out of the pool
$100 sponsors a season of youth basketball for one boy or girl
$250 a grandmother raising her grandchildren can count on 1 week of a safe child care program
$500 provides a child new experiences and lasting friendships at 1 week of camp
$750 helps a family join the Y and spend quality time together
$1,000 5 kids can develop healthy physical habits and learn about nutrition after school

2018 Annual Campaign – Togetherhood

Togetherhood – Activating People for Good

The Y’s Togetherhood program connects people from all backgrounds to plan and carry out volunteer projects that address a real need in their community.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Good for you
  • Volunteering can improve personal well-being, build relationships, and provide an outlet to discover purpose.
  • Research shows that volunteers experience wellness benefits, including lower depression, improved mood and self-esteem, less stress, better heart health and lower mortality rates.

Good for community

Togetherhood leverages the Y’s charitable mission to unlock people’s potential to improve lives and create a more connected society.

Bringing diverse people together to tackle social issues creates more cohesive communities. A culture of volunteerism can also yield social benefits such as lower unemployment, greater income equality, and youth that are more likely to stay in school and avoid risky behaviors.

“To be able to volunteer alongside my YMCA friends was such a unique experience. It really added to my understanding of what the Y does and the impact it can have on our community.” – Member, Reuter Family YMCA (NC)

How it Works

A Y staff advisor guides a committee of Y members who plan and lead volunteer service projects. A comprehensive resource toolkit ensures Togetherhood committees are supported each step of the way, from planning the year of service to running projects to reporting and celebrating their successes.

“The Togetherhood program unites members of our community to participate in positive social change and make an impact on peoples’ lives. The Y facilitates this effort by providing a framework that allows volunteers to act on ideas.” – Dan McCauley, Somerset Hills YMCA (NJ)

How to Get Involved

The Y is mobilizing thousands of volunteers nationwide who are using their creativity, passion and hard work to transform communities. We invite you to join us! Ask your front desk staff if your Y offers the Togetherhood program. With Togetherhood, there are opportunities to serve on a committee throughout the year or volunteer on individual projects that interest you. If your Y doesn’t yet offer Togetherhood, let your branch leadership know that your’re interested and ask about other ways to volunteer and give back through the Y.

“I now see the Y as the house of the community, where people come together to make a better society.” – Edison Blanco, Rye YMCA (NY)

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