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The Downtown Y is currently hiring lifeguards for the pool.

General Function: Persons in this position are responsible for ensuring the physical and emotional safety of all persons in the pool area.  Persons in this position are responsible for providing excellent services to members and program participants.  An understanding of YMCA Aquatics programs and the YMCA as a mission and membership driven organization is a must. This person must also have an understanding of overall pool operations and protocol.

Essential Function: Persons in this position must have excellent lifesaving skills, as well as interpersonal communication skills.  The person in this position must maintain a professional appearance and positive attitude at all times. He/She is responsible for executing set operating procedures and guidelines for pool operation and safety in accordance with guidelines set forth by the branch and the YMCA of the USA. The lifeguard must be able to meet the physical and emotional demands of the job. All staff are responsible for the membership retention practices of the branch.

Know How: With an understanding of the YMCA organization, persons must be able to display sound judgment and initiative as well as independent thinking skills.  Persons in this position must be currently certified in CPR for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid, and must be a YMCA certified lifeguard or cross over within 3 months of hire date.


Principle Activities:

1. Know the appropriate EAP (emergency action plan) for any situation and how to properly document any and all incidents.
2. Ensure safety by firmly and tactfully enforcing all pool rules, policies and guidelines.
3. Ensure safety by checking for hazardous conditions and making sure all safety equipment is properly placed and in proper working condition. Make sure all doors leading to the pool area are properly secured when a lifeguard is not on duty.
4. Maintain a clean and professional appearance and attitude. (Avoid socializing while guarding the pool. Don’t read while in the pool area. Dress in complete uniform of swimsuit, guard shirt, whistle, and fanny pack. Follow all pool rules, policies and guidelines.)
5. Maintain and record accurate records including: pool chemical readings, first aid kit supplies, and pool equipment.
6. Maintain a safe and clean environment by following and recording proper cleaning procedures.
7. Participate in all required trainings.
8. Follow guidelines as outlined in the YMCA’s employee handbook.
9. Practice rescue and fitness drills regularly.

Effect on End Result: Proper performance of this job will ensure a safe environment for all participants. This effect will be realized with improved safety results, as well as a positive effect on member relations and retention. The mission of the YMCA will be evident.

Chuck Gallatin

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