Tee Ball


We help kids become better players and better people. Our tee ball program is progressive with multiple age levels. We make sure that your child gets to play and that games are safe, fair and most of all fun. Our registration is open for kids in preschool - Kindergarten.

Games will be played at the Northwest Y.

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Session: April 11 – May 20

Ages: 4-6 (Pre-K to K)
Registration begins March 7, ends March 31

$40 Members
$80 Guests

Financial Assistance:
Financial assistance is available to qualifying families. For more information about financial assistance regarding memberships or programs, click here.

Tee Ball Rules:
No score is kept.
Every player bats and plays in the field every inning.
The ball is hit off a batting tee; there is no pitching.
There are no walks or strikeouts.
The ball must travel 10 feet or it is a foul.
No stealing. Players must stay on the base until the ball is hit.
An inning is over when all the players have batted once.
Standard game is 4 innings or 1 hour; whichever comes first.
Safety helmets must be worn while batting.
Baseball mitt is required to play in the field.

Tee Ball

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