Camp Crosley Lit Program Manager/Summer Camp Counselor

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Responsible to

Program Director

Cabin Responsibilities

  • Create a warm, nurturing, positive environment for all cabin members
  • Read all camper confidential forms and familiarize yourself with all names and conditions before campers arrive. Return all forms to managers.
  • Finish birthday cards and certificates and return to managers on time.
  • Enforce rules of cabin making sure all children are safe, welcomed, cared for and nurtured.
  • Maintain a friendly demeanor and don’t display favoritism
  • Follow daily schedule arriving on time for all duties and activities
  • Supervise all aspects of campers’ days to include wake up, bedtime, activities, meals, group time, chapel and devotions
  • Keep cabin neat and tidy
  • Arrive at all meals on time, follow all rules in the dining hall, sit among the campers; take campers to the bathroom when necessary.
  • Participate in dining hall games, songs and activities as well as Flag Raising and Lowering before meals
  • Make sure Rule of 3 is followed at all times
  • Guide and support campers and create a fun, positive and caring experience for all
  • Follow all emergency procedures for weather and missing child drills
  • Accompany campers to Camp Nurse when necessary
  • Alert Program or Senior Program Director about health or safety issues in a cabin when necessary
  • Participate with a cheerful attitude in all camp-wide games and activities, exhibiting energy and encourage all campers to do the same
  • Supervise at all times shower times at the end of the day
  • Lead devotions or cabin reflective time
  • Create a memorable time of “camp magic” each week for cabin
  • Greet parents with confidence every Sunday and help campers unpack and set up their bed. On Saturdays help campers pack and get their suitcases to the designated area on time.
  • Follow the camp dress code
  • Follow the camp’s standard of music while on camp property
  • No cell phones/electronics out in the cabin/in view of campers.
  • No contact with campers before or after camp via social media
  • No pictures of campers taken with cell phone and shared.

LIT Manager responsibilities

  • Work with Day Camp Director to make sure LIT campers are assigned and on time to help run and supervise all Day Camp activities
  • Ensure LIT campers follow dishwashing/dining hall duty schedule
  • Lead debriefing activities every evening with LIT campers
  • Teach assigned LIT lessons as assigned from LIT programming notebook
  • Assist LIT campers with leading songs, cheers, skits, flag raising/lowering, etc
  • Stay with LIT campers at night in their rooms/cabins and ensure they follow all camp rules and safety protocol.
  • During week 2 assign LIT campers which cabins they will be helping with in the evening from Evening Activity – lights out. Check in on all LIT campers during this time period and give advice and instruction

General Activities Responsibilities

  • Lead assigned activities with energy, warmth and enthusiasm
  • Teach Skills clinics as assigned. Keep teaching area neat and tidy and make sure all equipment is put away in designated areas. Teach all safety precautions. Motivate and encourage campers in the clinic.
  • Supervise swim times either as a lifeguard, bathroom attendant, pavilion helper or activity leader
  • Participate in opening and closing campfires as well as Friday Closing Ceremony
  • Honor Staff Curfew as well as Lights Out times.
  • Return from Time Off punctually. Always check in with Manager before leaving. Never leave without your cabin being covered.
  • Take roll in every skills clinic and report attendance per camp procedure
  • Follow the Y’s best practices and behave in a professional manner that represents the Y and Camp Crosley well when out in public or on time off.
  • Register your vehicle with camp and stay parked in staff designated areas
  • Any and all other duties deemed necessary by the Senior Program Director


  • CPR/First Aid Certified – training provided at Camp if needed
  • Must be able to pass a background check
  • Complete Child Abuse Safety Training Course
  • Relates well with peer groups
  • Relates well with parents of children
  • Must enjoy working with children
  • Creative/Energetic/Strong Work Ethic
  • Can perform duties under stressful conditions
  • Ability to think on feet and problem solve quickly
  • Ability to lead activities, arts or sports clinic
  • Exercises self-control
  • Exhibits character that is above reproach
  • 20 years of age or older – preferably completed one year of college


  • Experience working with/teaching/supervising children
  • Former Camp Crosley Cabin Counselor