Camp Crosley Watersports Manager

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Responsible to

Aquatics Director

General Responsibilities

  • Carry out duties and tasks as assigned by the Aquatics Director

Specific Responsibilities

  • Responsible for daily setup and take down of all boating skills clinics
  • Responsible for supervision of changing area during skills clinics switches to ensure the safety of all campers
  • Assist with Sunday swim tests for 250-290 campers
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and organization of the entire boat shed/equipment storage area
  • Lifeguard Polar Bear Swim every morning
  • Report any equipment failure to the Aquatics Director – including fishing poles and fishing bait needs
  • Responsible to make sure ALL skills clinics start on time
  • Oversee skills clinics changes and report attendance to the Asst. to the Director
  • Lifeguard for skills clinics if necessary
  • Rate ski campers according to ability in order to place them in the correct classes
  • Take our rescue boat if/when necessary to pull in the failed boat
  • Maintain Lifeguard/Rescue Equipment – Daily checks required
  • Oversee ski boats/ski instructors/ski clinics and tubing
  • Fill in as a tubing boat driver when necessary
  • Report any ski boat issues to Executive Director
  • Attend staff/leadership meetings as assigned
  • Any other duties deemed necessary by the Senior Program Director Including but not limited to:
    • Raggers Ceremony when needed
    • Assist in Villages in the evening during shower/bedtimes
  • Any and all other duties deemed necessary by the Senior Program Director


  • At least two years of college
  • Ability to relate to one’s peer group
  • Ability to relate well to children
  • Lifeguard Certified/First Aid/CPR – or able to attend training prior to camp
  • Takes directions well
  • Needs little supervision to complete tasks
  • Enthusiastic, sense of humor
  • Patient
  • Uses sound judgment to make decisions under pressure when necessary
  • At least two years (summer season) working at pool/lakefront
  • Waterski Experience/Motor Boat Driving Experience
  • Attend Camp Sponsored Boat Training


  • Experience working in a supervisory capacity