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Lifeguard Training and Recertification

The American Red Cross lifeguarding course will train participants in the skills and techniques necessary to become a professional lifeguard. This training course is intended for those who seek a certification for the first time or for those renewing their certification. There will be videos, demonstrations, as well as hands-on experience. The class covers equipment based rescues, spinal injury management and post-rescue care.

Maximum 20 participants per class. Registration is on a “first come” basis; there will be no “holding” of spots.


Participants must be able to pass the prerequisite, consisting of the following:

  • Continuous 300-yard swim, demonstrating proficiency in front crawl (using rhythmic breathing and stabilizing, propellant kick) and breaststroke (using a pull, breathe, kick and glide sequence). The 300-yard swim is not timed.
  • 2-minute tread without support and without stopping. Participants can use only their legs.
  • Retrieve a 10 lb. brick from the bottom of the pool (12 feet) and swim on back 20 yards with the brick on chest, without the use of goggles. This must be done within 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Upon successful completion of the course participants will receive an American Red Cross lifeguard/first aid and CPR/AED for the professional rescuer certification which is valid for two years.

Very Important

  • Whether you have contacts or not, you must be able to open your eyes underwater without wearing goggles.
  • You must be able to go down to 12 1/2 feet of water.
  • Participants MUST set up a time prior to the first day of class to complete the prerequisite swim test. Participants must pass the prerequisite swim test (FREE) prior to attending the class.

No refunds will be given for failing the prerequisite swim test, nor for failing the course.
Contact Chuck Gallatin at or 765.741.5541.



Registration Deadline

Thursday before classes begin

Sesson Dates

March 15 – 17  – Registration begins March 1
April 12 – 14 – Registration begins March 29
May 3 – 5 – Registration begins April 19
May 17 – 19 – Registration begins May 3
June 7 – 9 – Registration begins May 30

Daily Schedule

Important – This is for each session:
Friday 5 – 10:0 pm: New Lifeguard Course Participants Only
Saturday 8 am – 5 pm: All Lifeguard Course Participants
Sunday 8 am – 5 pm: All Lifeguard Course Participants

Please note: This year there is not a separate time slot for recertification.


Downtown YMCA


$200 full lifeguard course
$150 lifeguard recertification


$250 full lifeguard course
$200 lifeguard recertification


Chuck Gallatin