Nutrition Consultation | Registered Dietitian

Eat well to live well!

Here at the YMCA, we know that living well and being healthy goes far beyond what happens within these walls, and being healthy in today’s world can be hard. Whether your goal is to lose weight, eat clean, gain muscle, or anything in between, a consultation with the YMCA’s Registered Dietitian can help you find the best strategies to make it happen.

YMCA of Muncie Nutrition Packages

Nutrition Assessment

All YMCA of Muncie members may schedule a free nutrition assessment to help determine the best steps to reach goals. Assessments typically last 10-15 minutes, during which time, the RDN will cover goal setting and basic nutrition, as well as answer specific questions about health and nutrition. The RDN will help to identify programs and plans best suited to meet an individual’s needs.

“Nutrition for Me”  (Individual consultations)

This option is the opportunity to meet 1 or 2 times with the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) in an unlimited time frame. It is a great tool if you would like to learn about nutrition or jumpstart progress toward a specific goal. It is also excellent for those looking to prevent or better manage chronic diseases such as heart disease, heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, or kidney dysfunction.

  • Members: $35/session
  • Guests: $55/session

“Reaching My Goals” (Multiple consultations)

This option is the opportunity to meet two or more times per month with the RDN and is a great tool if you are looking to reach a goal such as weight loss, achieving peak athletic performance, or creating healthier habits at home. A minimum of three sessions must be purchased initially, but more may be added afterwards at the same discounted session price.

  • Members – $30/session
  • Guests – $50/session

Fill out a Registration Form at the front desk to register for an individual consultation or package, or download it here.

You can also download the program flyer here.

Kayla Stanton