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Employment Application

DOWNLOAD A YMCA OF MUNCIE EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION Description: Click here to download the YMCA of Muncie Employment Application packet. All sections must be complete. This posting is for convenience only, and does not indicate employment, job or career openings at our Y. Please contact the location and/or supervisor of any YMCA of Muncie position of…

Swim Lesson Price Adjustment

Hello Swim Lesson Participants, Beginning in January of 2018 there will be a price adjustment for all swim lessons. The member price for the parent/child, pre-school and youth lessons will see a small increase from $30 to $35. The community participant will see a decrease from $70 to $50 to increase participation from our community.…

Terms of Service

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Privacy Policy

The YMCA of Muncie will never sell or rent your email address or contact information. When you join the YMCA of Muncie, we require your full name, address and phone number. We use this information to periodically keep our members informed of programs and special events, and to contact you in case of emergency. If…

Contact Us

YMCA of Muncie 500 S Mulberry St. Muncie, IN 47305 Phone: (765) 288.4448 Interested in joining or volunteering with the YMCA of Muncie? Please use this form to contact us and tell us a little bit about your needs.

Class Schedules

Downtown YMCA Downtown Y (Jul-Aug-Sep 2019) Aquatics and pool schedule (September and October 2019) Northwest YMCA Northwest Y (July-Aug-Sep 2019) Yorktown YMCA Yorktown Y  (July-Aug-Sep 2019)