Summer Men’s Basketball League


Open to the Muncie Community

  • At sign up, each team member that does not have a Y membership will receive a free guest pass.


Sunday afternoon (times to be announced)

Season will begin Sunday, July 10th. There will be games for 5 weeks, then 2 weeks of play-offs.

Play-offs begin August 14th (two games on the 14th), and will conclude on August 21st (Championship Sunday)


Northwest YMCA




Register at the front desk of any YMCA of Muncie branch.

You will need:

  • Names from all players
  • Phone numbers from players
  • Team captain phone number and email
  • Arrive 15 mins before first game to get rest of team in Daxko


  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at athletic contests. Anyone attempting to bring alcohol into an athletic contest will be denied entry and anyone discovered in possession of alcohol at a contest may be removed from the event.
  •  Anyone entering who management or staff believes is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs may be denied admission and anyone present at an event who the management/staff believes is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs may be removed from the event.
  • Any person(s) using inflammatory language and/or displaying inciting actions will be warned by the referees/management/staff that continuation of the activity will result in their ejection from the facility. If the language and/or activity continues, the offending person(s) will be removed. In a particularly flagrant case of inflammatory language and/or inciting action, the offending person(s) may be removed immediately without a warning. The determination of whether certain language is inflammatory and/or action is inciting will be a judgment made by the management/staff and will apply whether the offense is aimed at the contest participants, officials, other spectators, or the management staff.
  • Any spectator entering onto the playing area of the facility while the event is in progress, or who refuses to remain in the designated spectator area, will be subject to immediate ejection.
  • Any signs, banners, shirts, noisemakers, etc. deemed inflammatory by the contest management staff will be removed.