24/7 Access

what is 24/7?

The Yorktown YMCA offers 24/7 Access to our members; you must be a member to have access. This allows our members to have a wellness option when they cannot or prefer not to workout during our normal business hours. This service is available at the Yorktown YMCA.

Sign up at the Yorktown YMCA today! If you are unable to sign up during normal business hours reach out to Gretchen Fields at gfields@muncieymca.org to set up an appointment.


  • This will be an additional $25 annual fee per member. This is non-refundable.
  • If fob is lost, a replacement fob will be $10.


  • Members will enter through the Child Watch security door via their key fob.
  • When members sign up for this service, there will be an orientation and additional waivers required.
  • Must be 18 years of age for the 24-hour access (no dependents, infants in a car seat, or teenagers under 18 years old).
  • Key fob access is non-transferable. There will be zero tolerance for letting someone else use your fob or letting someone come in with you that doesn’t have a fob.
  • The facility will not be staffed during the hours of fob-access only. Staff will be present during normal operating hours. See normal operating hours below.
  • The amenities that will be available 24/7 include: wellness center, indoor walking track, group exercise room, and a single-use bathroom. All other additional amenities (locker rooms, showers, Child Watch, and lobby) will be be available during normal staffed hours only.


  • The facility is monitored with cameras at all times and footage will be reviewed regularly by YMCA staff.
  • There will be no additional snow removal for this 24-hour access. Members may come at their own discretion and risk.
  • An AED, first-aid kit, and working phone will be available at all times.

Normal operating hours

*The facility will not be staffed during the hours of fob-access only. Staff will be present during normal operating hours. See our normal operating hours below.

Monday – Thursday: 8am-8pm
Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday: 8am-12pm
Sunday: CLOSED


If you have not taken advantage of this benefit you are missing out. The Yorktown location is a very clean and safe location. They have installed top of the line security cameras and Y leadership can look at them 24/7 from their phones. I encourage every member that would be interested in the 24/7 access to take the few minutes to sign up for this.” – 24/7 Access Member

The 24/7 access initiative is the latest addition to the Y’s continued commitment to the health and well-being of the community as a whole. With this, the Y is making clear that they are invested in helping you achieve your fitness goals. The extra cost to the membership pales in comparison to the value of gym access all day, every day. The potential impact this offers for community health improvement cannot be overstated!” – 24/7 Access Member

I am so glad the YMCA implemented the 24/7 Access option at the Yorktown location.  The flexibility to use the facility when it is convenient for my busy schedule (any day, any time) is such a great benefit for me.   I no longer have to rely on normal operating business hours to plan my workouts at the YMCA.  Whether it is a Sunday, holiday or a day that the YMCA closes due to bad weather, I am still able to plan my exercise at this facility.  Love this additional feature to my membership!” – 24/7 Access Member


Contact Gretchen Fields at  gfields@muncieymca.org or contact Jason Adamowicz at jadamowicz@muncieymca.org