Cycle-A-Thon: Pedal For a Purpose

CYCLE FOR A SURVIVOR! Participants will enjoy challenging and energetic themed spin sessions under the direction of YMCA staff while all proceeds will fund our LiveSTRONG at the YMCA program, a free exercise program for cancer survivors. Your participation will give our survivors the opportunity to regain their physical, mental and spiritual strength.

You will receive a t-shirt or a tank top. You could also order both for an additional cost!

Step 1: Register to Cycle

$35 for first ride, $10 per additional ride
Register in-person or online by clicking the button below

Note: You need to register by May 17th to receive your t-shirt / tank top for the day of the event. Any registrants after May 17th will receive their shirts after the event.

Register Online

Step 2: Attend

Come ready to pedal with a purpose! There will also be a FREE breakfast and water available!

There will also be fun raffles and prizes for our participants:

  • $5 Raffle Tickets for neat prizes (prizes such as cycling shoes, giftcards, and more!)
  • Prize Wheel for Y Swag
  • $15 Swag Bags
Step 3: Celebrate

You just changed someone’s life for the better. Celebrate with your friends and fellow cyclists! We will have a photo backdrop available for selfies so you can share on social media!

YMCA Staff are ready to ride:

There will also be opportunities for you to have some fun, even if you aren’t cycling! Some of our staff will be on stand-by and YOU can contribute for them to join a ride.

NOTE: If you wish to donate more than $20, you will need to do so twice. (Example: If you wish to donate $40, first donate $20 then donate another $20).

The staff available to ride include:

  • Riley Bickford, Association Office Assistant/Liason
  • Sophie Bohanon, Marketing Director
  • Paul Cigala, Youth Programming Director
  • LZ Fritz, Offsite Director
  • Kaylee Kear, Front Desk Staff
  • Tiffanie Larimore, MSO Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Liz Whittern, Group Exercise Instructor
  • Chad Zaucha, CEO/President

Join the Ride, riley

Pedal to the Medal, Sophie 

I Want paul to Ride

You got this, lz

kaylee Is Going to Crush it

Tough it Out, Tiff

We Love Liz

Get Pedaling, Chad

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