Jama Clarke: Blessings from God

When did you first join the YMCA? Why?
I first joined the YMCA in 2006, when someone invited me to go workout. I made the decision to go because I was on a journey to lose weight and find myself after a rough season in life.

Why have you stayed with the YMCA of Muncie?
I have remained a member of the YMCA because of the sense of community, and eventually I began volunteering around 2012, then I became an instructor in 2013.

How has the YMCA impacted you (and your family)?
The YMCA has been a place where I can always count on to go and work toward my health and wellness goals. But it has also been a place where I can connect with others, develop lifelong friendships, and as an instructor, I hope that I am making that same impact on others.

What is a positive memory that you’ve made at the YMCA?
I have so many amazing memories of being a part of the Y that I will always cherish – from working with teens on their fitness, volunteering at youth events, participating in and often helping to instruct bootcamps, the Turkey Burn events, volunteering at the Iron Man with other members and employees, and making new friends every step of the way.

How has the YMCA helped you connect with Jesus and others of your faith (if applicable)?
My faith is first and foremost the most important thing in my life. I love being a part of an organization where I can share my faith with others and be encouraged myself. I want to give a special thanks to my long-lasting prayers partner of many years, Tonya Locke, for always pointing me to Jesus.