Nature Preschool

Nature Preschool is an enrichment program designed to provide a natural, outdoor experience for preschool children. Children are immersed in the elements of nature which becomes the classroom. At Mitchell Early Childhood and Family Center, Nature Preschool takes place off-site at different deep woods locations. Children explore, discover and learn in a small group through the guidance of their Forest Kindergarten trained preschool teacher.


Please call Mitchell Early Childhood and Family Center at 765-285-1987 to register.

The Benefits of Nature Preschool

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Intellectual Benefits
  • Experiment, observe, hypothesize
  • Learn through their senses
  • Engineer and construct with loose parts             
  • Expand language and literacy
Physical Benefits
  • Absorb vitamin D
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Burn more calories
  •  Enhance overall physical fitness: balance, stability, locomotion, body manipulation
Emotional Benefits
  • Calm hyperactivity
  • Enhance sense of peace
  • Increase nurturing qualities
  • Imagine and create
  • Self-regulate
Social Benefits
  • Interact with new and different playmates
  • Play alone and connect with others
  • Learn to share
  • Collaborate
  • Develop empathy
  • Problem solve