LIVESTRONG­® is a program for cancer patients and survivors. Program will include pre and post assessment. Participants will receive instructor-led cardio and strength training twice a week for 12 weeks. Equipment is provided!


Next session: Classes will begin July 1, 2024 and end September 25, 2024. Graduation will be held after the 12-week session.
• Registration is open and closes July 1, 2024.
• Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2:30pm at the Northwest YMCA.


It’s been stated that one in two people have been touched by cancer. With over 12 million cases in our country we all have a friend, family member, spouse or child that has been diagnosed with cancer. The YMCA of Muncie has partnered with the LIVESTRONG Foundation to create a program that will help cancer survivors regain their physical, mental and spiritual strength in a unique and supportive environment.

LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a free 12 week program set in a fostering environment to offer training and support. Each participant will receive special instruction and training specific to their own abilities and comfort, resulting in assisting them in their journey back to a healthier well-being. While participating in the program, the entire household (or caregiver) will receive a free membership to the Y and all the benefits it holds at no cost.

We have been called to provide this program of healing and hope to cancer survivors and those who love and care for them. It is our goal and promise to provide exceptionally caring and trained Y leaders and instructors to help champion a new beginning and fresh start among our survivors and their support system.

We strive to be the place where they find health, healing and hope.

How Does the Program Work?

LIVESTRONG at the YMCA focuses on you — the whole person — not the disease. The free, 12-week program meets twice a week for 90 minutes, using traditional exercise methods to ease you back into fitness and help you maintain a healthy weight. You’ll focus on:

  • building muscle mass and strength
  • increasing flexibility and endurance
  • improving confidence and self-esteem

Plus, learn about wellness, stress reduction techniques and how to continue healthful habits after the program has ended.

Just as important, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA encourages a warm spirit of community—a safe, comfortable place for you to build companionship with others affected by cancer and share stories and inspiration.

Little Red Door Cancer Agency

Little Red Door Cancer Agency has partnered with the YMCA of Muncie for this session of Livestrong along with other adult programs. Their mission is to make the most of life and the least of cancer. They offer services for cancer patients, resources for those in need and information on cancer prevention.

Scholarships are available through Little Red Door Cancer Agency. For more information on these scholarships, please contact Julia Price.

How Can I Find Out More?

To find out more about LIVESTRONG at the YMCA in the Muncie area, please contact:

Julia Murillo